Score Consulting
Evaluation of existing structures, looking into potenial new developments or business improvements are often not a focus as daily operations have priority and processes run "smoothly enough".
I can support you and your team with my experience in
  • Strategy and action plan set up
  • Sales, sales support  and customer management
  • Process improvements
  • Business reorganisation
  • Loadcarrier management & bookkeeping
  • RFID, barcodes & data management
  • Sustainability policy & projects
Score Coaching 
Coaching can help you and your team to clear your thoughts, structure your priorities and get new insights and inspirations.
Let me assist you and your team with
  • Setting your personal goals & expectations
  • Activating your ressources
  • Balancing your work - life challenges
  • Strenghtening your motivating management style
  • Teambuilding activities & personalized trainings
  • Change management
Score Interim
No time for a recruitment process or simply you have not yet found the right candidate to fill the position long term? Vacancies might add work load to you or your colleagues or leave important business matter unattended for too long. 
I am available for interim coverage in
  • General management
  • Commercial positions
  • Project work

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